We Are Fire!

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  1. -:-- / 3:28
  2. -:-- / 4:05
  3. -:-- / 5:01
  4. -:-- / 4:06
  5. -:-- / 3:56
  6. -:-- / 4:14

After a year of promises, Jiana Wessel’s long-anticipated original record “We Are Fire” is here! This record dives into the genres of Metal, Rock, Gothic Metal, and Symphonic Metal. On this record, Jiana Wessel gets to show off her versatile singing from chest voice to Soprano range and at times from a rock/metal voice to her operatic vocals. This is record dedicated to all the misfits, outcasts, outliers, rebels, goths, and witches. The record has a central theme of cultivating the fire within you!


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