A new year full of fire!

This year is gonna be on fire! 🔥 Are you pumped for this year? I know I am, I’m gonna have a lot to give this year 🙂 The year already started on fire with the successful launch of The Legion of Dragons shop! With your feedback, I’ll be able to constantly make this shop better and better. Check out the shop and tell me what you think here.

I will be releasing my first full-length album this year, minimum 10 songs and it’s gonna dark and fiery. Not to mention it’s gonna have that haunting feel that so many of you have come to love. I will definitely be adding more of that to the album. Of course, there’s also going to be themes of empowerment and Dragon symbolism!

I have songs ideas coming to me already, so you can expect me to start sharing some song ideas real soon. Remember that song from my latest EP called “Fire”!? Well, I am finally going to be making a music video for that song real soon, so stay tuned. Btw, if you haven’t heard the song yet I am now giving that song away as a free download. Click here to download instantly.

Now, this all brings me back to you. What are you doing to make this year a fiery one? How are you going to burn through your obstacles this year? What will you do to come up on top as fire as a Dragon? 🐲 Do please share your thoughts in the comments below 👇

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