Cave Time Again

You may have noticed that I haven’t been as active on social media lately. The fire has slowed down and concentrated on a few main areas right now, first of I need to move to my next apartment. It will be a bitter sweet experience since I am leaving an apartment I love and truly considered home, but we will be upgrading to a two bedroom with the master bedroom becoming the studio and office space! Finally more space for music creation, video filming and photo shoots!

Second I am working on original music for my upcoming debut EP this spring! And third I am really working hard on keeping my promise of uploading a video to YouTube every week. So despite the moving you will see a new video next week, a cover from my idol Tarja Turunen 🙂 I am also working to see if I can get a support band together in my area. 

Speaking of Tarja I recently uploaded my cover of Sleeping Sun by Nightwish to YouTube, here it is if you haven’t watched it yet! Sleeping Sun Cover by Nightwish. Here’s the link!
This is an exciting time in my cave for I am finally working on the original music I promised! Now I just need a guitarist and bassist to record their parts 🙂 Which by the way if you know of any musicians who would be interested in participating in this project and sharing royalties, do please share this post with them. Now I am off to boxing for my move, til next Dragons 🐉🐲spread the fire🔥!

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