Fires will be starting!


This is being an exciting start to a great new year! I have decided to start uploading a video to YouTube once a week of either a cover or an original! Since I recently released my cover EP Rock and Metal Muses, I will be releasing cover videos for the next week or so. I have also started a Patreon Page where you can now become my VIP Dragon and Co-creator! Meaning you will have say in everything I do! I really want to start producing more high quality music and videos for you, but I can only do this in a sustainable way with your help and support.

I will be a lot more active on my blog now, I am giving myself the task of blogging once a week. I realize that I actually do have a lot to share, sometimes more than I am aware of. You will also be seeing me go live more often on Facebook, Instagram and I am going to start broadcasting on Periscope too. I also recently released my cover video of Forgiven by Within Temptation, I am starting to think that this has been the best cover I’ve made so far! And of course this cover is included in my cover EP Rock and Metal Muses. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

I realized that if I really want to take my music to the next level, I can’t wait for the right moment, I gotta take action to make things happen now. I have missed out on a lot because I haven’t been making myself as available to you and now that is going to change, even if it means not cooking and ordering meal plans! I will be finding ways of making this more fun and enjoyable for the both of us. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below. Go Dragons spread the fire!


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