This year will be on fire!

This Year Will Be On Fire 🔥

Happy New Year! I hope you had a really good one! I know for many last year 2016 was really crummy, however this is a new start! We all had our ups and downs last year, I for one wasn’t able to fulfill my promise of an original EP due to things not working out with my producer (don’t get me wrong he’s a great guy who deserves to have a lot of success, but we weren’t a good fit). So it was tough, heartbreaking and disappointing that things didn’t go as planned. However, I did fulfill my promise of releasing music last year and released one original, as well as a cover EP before Christmas!

2016 was tough, heartbreaking and disappointing at times!

The name of the EP is Rock and Metal Muses, since these ladies are the ones who inspired me to go down this path. The lead singer from Amy Lee of Evanescence, lead singer Sharon Den Adel from Within Temptation and of course Tarja the original lead singer from Nightwish. The cover EP has the following songs Hello from Evanescence, Forgiven and Memories from Within Temptation and Sleeping Sun from Nightwish! These songs are some of my favorites, just some. You can take a listen below.


What’s funny is that three of these songs bring back memories of my deceased who never go to see me walk down the aisle. One could say creating this EP was a healing experience as well as a milestone for me. It’s the feeling of accomplishment you get when you finish a long desired project or art piece.

This year I WILL be releasing my original EP!

This year I WILL be releasing my original EP, as well as an EP for my favorite holiday Halloween! Yay! I mean who releases Halloween music anymore? I also plan to release a Christmas single such as “O Holy Night” and more cover songs! Which I am open to receiving requests for cover songs, as well as ideas for upcoming photo shoots, music videos, merchandise, etc. I don’t make music only for myself but for you too! Which is why having you involved is so important.

Now looking back on 2016, what accomplishments are you proud of? What goals did you reach? What can you think of when it comes to 2016 that was a great moment or great moments for you? And what will you do to make 2017 count as one of the best years to come? Please share your thoughts on the comments below. Until then, spread the fire dragons!

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  1. Great blog…
    and to answer your question…
    2016 was a debrief of loss of a parent and leaving a job of 30 years
    2017 will be the year of “yes” to being present in my own life
    Thanks for asking!

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