From Vulnerable To Determined Artist!


I am cover art
    Cover art from my recent single I AM


June was one of the most defining months I’ve had. From the moment I released my first original I AM, it got met with many opinions. Ranging from the most complimentary to the most cruel. Thankfully, what I received was mostly positive compared to negative. However, it was still a very vulnerable and yet exciting moment for me. I went forward anyway and faced my fears. Most of the times I read comments like “wonderful”, “beautiful voice”!, “nice work”. Then there were the moments where I read “this is the most awful song I’ve ever heard” and “you should only stick to opera, you’re giving people ear cancer”.

The last comment was the most painful, not because of supposedly giving people ear cancer. But because I am told that I “should only stick to opera”. Now of course Opera is a huge love for me and I wouldn’t be able to have my vocal stamina with out the opera training. However, I am so much more than an opera singer. I am also a song writer, artist musically and visually and I am a creator. You don’t learn how to draw and paint, song write or create when you study opera. They train you on how to perform assigned roles. Roles that have already been written and many times are not written with your personality in mind.

I always like challenging myself and although the act of singing opera is hugely challenging. I didn’t find any other challenge outside of the vocal training and having to act out as someone else. I wanted to be me and so I walked away, but could never stop loving the music and singing that comes from opera. Now, I am an operatic, singer songwriter combining goth music and symphonic metal and rock. This is me and I don’t and can’t expect anyone else to understand me better than myself. Sometimes you just have to walk alone on your path and that is fine, because in the end you you’re not alone.

Now I am also writing this post to let you know that I don’t plan to release any single this month, for I will be working on my début E.P. I got side tracked working on covers and collaborations with other artist and lost sight of my original goal this year to release an E.P. before the end of the year. So I will be retrieving into my cave to do just that. I need to focus on finishing what I promised to everybody. I will continue making covers and originals in the future, just not now. I am hoping to have this E.P. completed by the end of next month. I will keep you posted and I will also keep you updated on how the E.P. is coming along. Until then, have a nice flight!


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  1. Hey Jiana,
    I just want to say a love the honesty in all you write. You really open yourself up, not to let others in but, let yourself out. I, for one, will be buying the EP direct from you if possible (could I get a signed copy?) and will comment on each track in the circle.
    One more thing before I go, are you naming for fans dragons? If Gaga can have Little Monsters then surely you can have your Dragons.
    Love and peace to you and your family.
    Abi xx

  2. Some people are bad, because they never know how much you worked to be in this point. You was worked a lot to create this present and put the eyes in the future. Don’t leave that they destroy all that you make, it’s better that you still working for to shut up that people. This is only the beginning and I hope still here when you harvest all your work.

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