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Since I was 16 years old I was very passionate about opera and classical music from the moment I heard Sarah Brightman’s Eden album. I will never forget I was in the bookstore, when I suddenly heard this gorgeous soothing voice singing. I went to the music department and asked who they were playing. Upon learning that it was Sarah Brightman, I immediately bought her Eden album and the rest was history. I developed a passion for opera and classical singing.

I later trained in opera and was delighted to discover that I was a lyric coloratura soprano and could sing the high E at the end of the Phantom of the Opera song! It was exciting to discover that my voice could do a lot of gymnastics due to its flexibility. I continued down the path to opera for several years and recently got a degree in music.  However, after having the summer to retrospect I experienced a shift. I found myself no longer wanting to solely pursue opera or musical theatre.

I got tired of being limited to the young princess or damsel in distress role. I wanted to do roles like the mad women in opera such as Lucia de Lammermoor, Ophelia from Hamlet or The Queen of the Night from the The Magic Flute. But I was limited by my looks and type, see I would have to fit the director’s vision of what that character would look like. I got tired of trying to fit the expectation of the stage directors. I also had enough of somebody deciding that I wasn’t good enough or what they’re looking for. To hell with that!

Working on my new image!
Working on my new image!

I decided that I wanted to have more control of my musical destiny and what better way to do that than by going independent. I can operate as my own boss and record label. Best of all, I get to make the music I want and portray the image I want! Now I can merge my classical operatic voice with the genres of music that most appeal to me classical crossover, symphonic metal , rock and alternative music. I only wish I would have known how to go about this sooner. I would probably be a lot further ahead now, if I would have known that things I now know about social media marketing and the indie music business. This is the best time ever to become an independent artist due to the power of the internet. So if you dream of making your own music go for it! No time better than the present!

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