The Worse Advice I Ever Followed

The Time We Take for Granted


We all have been given advice from our well meaning family and friends at times. Most of there advice usually turns out to be very helpful. I did however, found one piece of advice to be the most detrimental in my singing journey and in life period. The old saying “Ah don’t worry you’re still young! You’ve got lots of time ahead of you.” Why was this piece of advice counterproductive? Basically I became complacent and a procrastinator.

You see if I had really valued my time, I would have already recorded quite a few albums, been performing at live shows, touring, etc. In other words, I could have been much further ahead. Instead, I spent my time pursuing a Music College Degree in Voice and Commercial Music. All the while putting my musical endeavors on the back burner, putting off recording an album, hell even just singles! I could have been making youtube videos to put myself out there, marketing myself more on social media, and building my brand and image as an artist. But I chose to spend my time in college, trying to win over my professors when I could have and should have been working to win over fans.

Of course, I have no one to blame but myself. Due to my own self doubt I chose to listen to my professors, friends and members of my family who thought a degree could help me move forward. Come to find out that I didn’t need a degree to teach voice at Sam Ash or to sing at the church. I could have chosen to listen to my husband, who noticed the hand of time moving forward more and more. I did at least finish my Associate of Arts in Music, but with all the time I spent moving from website design to graphic design to vocal performance back to graphic design, then to illustration and come around right back to music where I spent a year in FAU’s commercial music program. I could have had a doctors degree based on the years I spent in college alone.

However, no time is wasted. I learned a lot of valuable lessons and suffered a few hard knocks. From here on out, I will only take courses that are in line with my music career and vision.  Probably the most important thing I learned is to never take your precious time for granted, because you won’t get it back. I also decided that time won’t determine my fate, I will. I will not be a victim of time.

Is there anything you feel time has taken from you? Let me know your experiences and thoughts in the comments section.

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