Vocal Direction

Have you ever wondered exactly where you want to go? It’s the same for me except with my voice. I want to sing opera, but I also love rock and metal and at the same time I want to make money. Paying for tuition and rent is already hard enough as it is. I know that I want to continue using my classical voice no matter what I do.

I recently played the role of Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, it was a beautiful piece and very comfortable in my vocal range. You can check it out here. However, I think there is more to me than being a princess or the young lovey dovey girl. I also like to the roles of Lucia de Lammermoor, Ophelia’s mad scene, Queen of the Night, etc. These roles are challenging and they change the usual scheme of the soprano in love. Those are the roles I long to perform one day, due to their complexity.

So as I really think about it, I think I want to combine classical singing with rock. I am not talking about another Pat Bennetar, Im talking about something more deep and intense, influenced by bands like Nightwish and Within Temptation both symphonic metal bands. Might sound disturbing but it’s actually very beautifully put together. Here’s a video of Within Temptation playing the song Mother Earth, amazing!  Here’s one of Nightwish’s hit Nemo when they had the full lyric soprano Tarja as their lead singer. And here is my favorite song Oasis from Tarja as a soloist.

So you see these are my influences and this the type of music I want to make one day that will lend itself naturally to my classical sound. Now I know it won’t be easy, I won’t be able to do this alone. I will need a producer, songwriter, sound engineer and musicians to play the guitars, synths, and drums. They do say that the first step is having direction and plan and the rest will start coming together.

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