Love your voice

We all have moments where we feel down about our instrument(s) or talent(s), whether it’s writing, acting, singing, drawing, painting, dancing or playing an instrument. We always want to strive for the illlusion of perfection, of flawlessness, but it does’nt exist. We may have moments of sheer perfection but their fleeting because we’re human. I know it’s a struggle for me as a singer, I want to be perfect, a legend. But it all comes with time, practice and patience with yourself.

There’s a great book that talks about the psychology of performance called “The Inner Game of Music”, highly recommend it.  It talks about how great we can be as musicians and performers when we step out of our heads and out of our way. If we are always beating ourselves up and telling ourselves that we suck, we won’t improve as efficiently and quickly as we could. The best way to improve is to simply love the process and the journey of getting there. Therefore, I have decided that for the next 3 weeks that I will LOVE my voice. I will give it the kind treatment and attention she needs to blossom.

I invite you to do the same, LOVE your voice. Whether it be through your writing, drawing, painting, acting, playing, dancing etc. Find your voice and share it with the world. Give your voice the loving care and attention it needs and see if it blossoms into something beautiful.

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