Painting with the voice

I am doing the role of sleeping beauty next semester for Musical Theatre class, so I decided to do some research on the role of sleeping beauty. While researching I came across a video on youtube where Walt Disney telling is Mary Costa to paint with her voice. Mary Costa is the original voice of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, a gorgeous operatic soprano voice. My teacher assigned this role to me, which is a huge compliment considering what a beautiful voice the original singer has.

This got me thinking about how we can all use our voices to paint. All instruments can be use to paint a picture, emotion, time, feeling. The same we layer a painting or drawing, we can layer our instrument too, by many different levels of subtlety, such as piano (soft),mezzo (medium),forte (loud), etc all to paint a story with our voices/instruments. Funny myself also being a visual artist I never put the together, but after gaining this knowledge I will never see singing the same.

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