Persistence and Determination

It has been a while since I write a post. A lot has happened that has distracted me from what I originally intended to do. Which was connection with my followers, friends and fans. I have been through a testing period of sorts. A period that has tested me on my love for music and how much I am willing to sacrifice in order to realize my dream. I also realized that my dream is to be a classical crossover singer/songwriter and composer. Thanks to this testing period I am certain of this than ever before.

Although I may not get my bachelors in music anytime soon or ever at all, due to finances. I know that one way or another I will make it so that I can afford voice lessons, coaching, classes in songwriting, music business, composing and maybe even some sound recording. I will get an associates of science in music business if I need to. One thing is certain, I will not let my precious dream of performing die due to obstacles I am facing. One way or another I will find my way.

Anybody who’s ever made it whether it be in classical music, opera, broadway or pop will tell you that it takes persistence. There is no overnight success, we call it so because we never heard it before. But everyone knows that real success comes from years in the making. Til next time. Don’t stop dreaming and as Steve Perry would sing “Don’t stop believing”.

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