Small successes

It seems the summer went by a lot faster than I wanted it to. August 25th I will be back in college, if I continue having help from the beautiful fans and friends who have been donating to my go fundme campaign I am so grateful and blessed for every little bit, that has been donated to my college fund. It can be very easy to get discouraged by the challenges and obstacles we face in life. Sometimes when it rains it pours. This summer has been quite challenging in regards to pinching every little penny possible.

My husband’s job has been quite slow, with him not working a majority of the Fridays this summer which has really put us in a tight spot. On top of that my job teaching voice and beginning piano has also been slow since students tend to go away for vacation in the summer. These circumstances have placed us in very uncomfortable positions, where instead of being able to eat different varieties of food; we had to cut back immensely. We started eating more raw vegan meals since it became the cheaper alternative and allowed us to still eat within our values.


The beautiful thing about this experience is that we have had small successes with my go fundme campaign. It showed me that people care more about you than you’re sometimes aware of. We’ve also had small successes in finding affordable ways to still put food on the table and pay our bills. It’s amazing what one can do, when put under difficult circumstances. We sometimes tend to underestimate our will and strength, doubting how much we can really accomplish and do in tough situations. However, when you count your small successes they add up to a big one; determination to arise again with a smile every gorgeous morning.

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