Today I have chosen to talk about vulnerability since it is something that we all go through and relate to. I am especially feeling vulnerable right now, because I just shared my personal story with the world and why I need help raising $7200.00 dollars for college tuition, books, college supplies and food.  I am a pretty private person and prefer keeping my struggles to myself.

However, right now I am really being challenged financially to complete my associates degree and pursue my dreams of singing professionally. I am bit lost as to exactly how I will go about making this dream come true, for there are so many paths I can take.

I could be a singer/songwriter, lyricist, composer, teacher, opera singer, pop singer, or go into musical theater. Personally, I love opera and no matter which I direction i choose to go in, I will always sing classically. I love the challenge and musicality of classical singing, especially the coloratura repertoire. I love the beauty and piccolo like sound of the coloratura rep. Especially when one moment you’re a love struck girl and in a moment you’re suddenly a mad woman! I also appreciate the simpleness of popular music as well. I love writing, therefore I sometimes think of being a singer/songwriter. My ultimate dream though, is to be a successful opera singer. I am still progressively working towards that goal.

But before any of this can happen, I need to manifest the $7200 I need to finish my associates this year and be able to start applying for universities and auditioning. Hence, I am truly making myself vulnerable by exposing my need for financial help to the world. I hope this post is comforting to anyone else out there who may also be going through a similar situation, whatever your dream may be.
Help me finish my associates degree.

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