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Hi, it has been a very long time since I’ve made a post. Last year was definitely the busiest year I’ve had. There was even a point where I was working two jobs and going to college for music full time! I will never do that again. Even thought they we’re part time jobs, I lost a lot time in commuting from one job to the other. Not to mention my performance and relationships suffered, especially my marriage.

It is very important that we learn to prioritize what is important and decide what is essential for our success. No matter how important is to me that I have great success as a singer, I also realized that even more important to me is my marriage. My relationship with my husband is my top priority. You see, one can make it big, become rich and famous, etc. But as the old saying goes, money can’t buy you love. Look to the celebrities for example. It is almost rare to see a marriage that lasts til old age in Hollywood. No degree, career or vast amounts of money can hold us at night.

I also, realized that it is very important to only focus on what is essential for my success. I got rid of two of my jobs and now I only need to give my energy to my marriage, education, teaching job at Sam Ash and church job. I am for the first time in a while starting to feel like I can breathe easily again. There’s no point in busying ourselves to try to prove what we can do. It’s better to simply our lives so that we may make the most out of everything we do and experience. Take your time and do things with joy and love.

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